Be light

You are light

You came into the world, to bring more light—your light—into the world. Burn brightly.

Do not be afraid.

Be the love that you are.

You are important to the world because the world does not exist without you. The world needs you to be you. 

Have joy. 

Practice gratitude

Do the things that you enjoy. Do only things that you love to do. When you tire of them or see that they’re not good for you, stop doing them.  Do what you think is good.  Only you know what is good for you. Do that. 

Some days are hard but it really is often because you are making them hard or harder through resistance. Resistance to what is around you is the core of anger, of fear, and of hatred. Our resistance to the revelation of God and Spirit in our lives is our biggest problem.

Go with the flow. Let it be. If you need to: Face, accept, float, let time pass.

Meditate daily. Pray hourly. Again: if you need tom if it helps.

Life really is but a dream. It’s mainly your own judgments that are causing you problems. You can calm your mind and control your mind. Your life is your revelation, the things you see and know are all your own. Everything you see and know is a revelation for you. (To share lovingly with others.) Cherish it as such.

Remember that you are a god. Jesus said it, not just me. (And he was just quoting David.) Trust yourself. Trust your own process in life and in making it through the day. Trust your own ability to be yourself.

Try this: Listen to the voice inside you.

If someone knocks you down, just get up and get going again. 

If you knock yourself down, learn how to stop doing that. 

As much as possible, live in the blue sky that is always there above the clouds. Don’t let anyone make you mean. Life isn’t quite as hard, when you choose to not make it harder. 

Life can be easy if you let it.

Try this: be your own best friend.

Try this: make peace with your life.

Try this: view yourself and everyone around you through the lense of unconditional love.

You can create your own paradise, one that you control. (You are in control no matter who you are, if you are able to read this.) Lots of people have done just that, and you can be one of them, too. (If you do not already realize that you are.) 

This is just one day. Use every second to its fullest. Be fully engaged in every moment. 

Another rule can be: Don’t lie to yourself.

Say this with me: I am no better than anyone. This is true, and in its truth is great wisdom. You are no better than any other single human on the planet, and neither am I.

It’s okay to feel bad. But really, don’t take the feeling too seriously, unless you really hurt someone. But for the most part it’s all small stuff.

Try this: Get out of your own way.

There are not so much missed opportunities in life as there are new opportunities to incrementally grow every day, if you’re open to them. That’s the trick.

Commune with the Tao, The Way, Jesus, Christ Consciousness, Yahweh, Allah, The Source that goes by many names but is always the same. It flows inside you and speaks to you constantly. Just listen to the voice that tells you what is right and best for you. Then do it.

Be Light.