Strong Words™ is an Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and website content consultancy based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, serving the Greater Toronto Area, the state of New York and anywhere world wide. Specializations include website planning focused on SEO, content development to any scale, on-page and on-site structure changes such as optimizing navigation and menus, linkbuilding, implementation of other marketing requirements (e.g. social media presence) and strategizing all website priorities.

"We've had over $30,000 in sales from our website, thanks to your SEO work."
"What you have done for us is brilliant!"
"We've acquired two new big clients just in the last few weeks because of the SEO you've done to our site."
"We've learned so much from you!"

Get found. Increase your audience. That's what we do here.

SEO Consulting and Expertise Since 2001

Strong Words is essentially a one person SEO consultancy supported by a variety of web specialists including writers, designers, developers and other experts. In the last ten years I have applied SEO best practices on hundreds of websites in various capacities and helped scores of businesses find their way to the top of page one in Google for innumerable terms and phrases. In many cases, SEO work done here has helped sites multiply traffic several times over. While business is often booming, there's often time to help truly worthwhile websites rise through the rankings.

You benefit from experience, expertise and an understanding of the very latest in search engine optimization and Internet marketing applied to any project, from a simple evaluation to deep ongoing content creation and management that will keep your site front and center with spiders and above the fold in Google results pages.

In the portfolio of recent search engine optimization (SEO), you'll find sites that have been SEO'ed for highly competitive terms, sites that reach the long tail of search terms, sites that are new and sites that are as old as 15 years or more. You'll find sites we built alongside sites we rehabilitated from previously poor search engine performance.

Call before you start your next content push and we will save you trouble later. We charge premium rates and we deliver results. We've been helping websites rise through the SERPs for over a decade now.

Search Strategy and Website Optimization Services

Any size SEO or content project - the bigger the better:

  • • We can provide an heurisitic analysis for companies looking for a "second pair of SEO eyes."
  • • We build your site's content and navigation optimized for search engines.
  • • We rehabilitate a site that's causing you marketing headaches.
  • • We help you in your search strategy, search marketing or social media strategy.

We are especially interested in helping companies in Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto and the GTA, although we accept work from as far away as New York, Washington state, California and anywhere else in the world, of course.

To learn more about Jim and his SEO and Internet marketing background, view client recommendations from top design and media companies in Ontario and the US North East or check out our portfolio of SEO in 2012.

Just a bit more about SEO services and Internet marketing we do here

Our services focus on content development, structural editing and professional, ethical link building but we can also provide paid search and social media services. We scale services to your budget and to the needs of your web site.

We provide a full statement of work (SOW) in proposals detailing work we think is relevant to your website, after an initial consultation with you to determine your business's strengths and weaknesses.

All of our tactics are white hat SEO. Our track record is that we have never had trouble with Google and never experienced significant traffic losses in spite of changes to Google's algorithm.

We offer a broad outline of our SEO Services but bear in mind we are very flexible to customer needs depending on budget, internal resources and needs.

Strong Words: it's what marketing is all about. Whether you are talking about web content, a proper domain name, paid search keywords, marketing ad copy... choose the right words... choose strong words.

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