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Recent SEO Successes

August 12th, 2012 No comments

The Portfolio link above has been updated to highlight success in the last 18 months. Being busy is, as one of my clients likes to say, “a good problem to have” but it is still a problem. The dog days of summer, though, have afforded me some time to add a new page on recent successful SEO.

Sites I’ve profiled vary widely, and by no means does the page cover everything we’ve seen success with in recent months. It also does not discuss some of the “challenges” we’ve faced in the last year. But the same truisms of the past still hold: hard work yields positive results, perseverance pays off and so does investment. SEO is still the biggest part of any content or traffic strategy.

I have seen companies dump lots of energy and time into social media to make sure that they are on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other hyped new sites on the block (you know, like FourSquare, Digg and other failures). But Google (not Google Plus) remains (by far) the biggest traffic driver for any web publication I’ve seen (and I have access to at least 30 different sites). Keep on investing in SEO, people. It’s alive and kicking and will be for the foreseeable future.

In other updates, Contact is now a fairly robust section of the site, including an About page and a page called Web Presence. Here’s to a great finish to 2012 and lots more growth!

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