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Knocking Internal Communications Strategies Out of the Park With Mobile

February 10th, 2017 No comments

If your team isn’t on the same wavelength, then you are probably having a lot of trouble getting along in everything and being productive for the company. Being on the same team often means putting aside your own interests to follow a leader for the sake of a bigger whole. However, wherever there are lapses in communication, there are potholes that will trip up your team. Here are five tips to make sure you are doing everything in your power to improve internal communication.

Pick Common Platforms

Do you have a singular cloud platform for sharing all brand-related documents and materials? What about a social platform for helping your coworkers connect outside of work? Whether you are going to create internal networks or use existing noes, you need to make sure your team is aware of where they should be posting brand content and information for their fellow employees.

Open Your Doors

There is no way you can improve if your employees don’t feel like they can honestly share about your company, policies or products – even in a negative light. Create an open door policy with an anonymous way that your employees can give honest feedback at any time. Use that information to make your brand stronger.

Offer Continual Feedback

There is a fine line between micromanagement and just good management. However, most companies falter on the side that lets employees go for long periods of time without knowing how they are measuring up to expectations. This makes evaluations especially painful and awkward for everyone. By giving your employees both praise and critique on a regular basis, you take away the air of mystery that would otherwise surround their performance review. This allows your employees to adjust their work behavior to meet your expectations. Performance reviews should never include surprise information, they should only be a review of what you’ve already talked about in passing.

Consider Internal Mobile Plans

Connecting with your employees on their phones can be an easy way to gain instant access and improve communication among your team members. However, management and HR communication can feel invasive when the personal mobile plans are not at least somewhat supported by company benefits. Consider offering employees a company phone or at last a discount on their personal plans if you want to move into regular texting habits for your employees.

Extend to Recruitment

If you are able to get your employees into the habit of using mobile technology to keep in touch with their teammates, then extending that reach to recruitment can be useful. SMS text recruiting software can help you manage and appeal to new talent in a fast and convenient way. You can even use your employees to act as mentors during the initial attraction stages. Later, you can use SMS text to help connect new hires with the employees that will be responsible for training them and helping them get acclimated.

Use mobile technology to improve your team’s internal communications and push for better productivity. SMS text messaging is just one tool that mobile technology has to offer – you will also want to consider helpful apps, cloud storage and other potential benefits that mobile can add to your internal communications strategy.

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