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Bing more likely to bomb than get big

June 6th, 2009 No comments

I looked at Bing for about ten minutes when the hype came out about it last weekend. Then I went back to the old familiar when I wanted to really google some information.

Don’t get me wrong – Bing looked really interesting and it had a bunch of features that were new and seemed potentially more useful than the big G. But it also looked a whole lot like Google. And I’m sure Google is simply watching to see what people like about Bing before they swoop in and scoop those same features to add them as an option.

But the thing for me, really, is, I trust Google. And I trust Microsoft not so much. This goes well beyond search and operating systems. To my mind, Microsoft owns the dominant OS, in spite of the fact that is not very good (and is sometimes terrible).  In fact, if Microsoft debuts new products in other spheres I almost always hate them. Google is not only the best search engine, but I often like a lot of Google’s products, notably Google Earth, Google Analytics and – well, to a degree – Adsense.

Okay, I like most MS Office products better than others’ offerings but that is the exception, and the only excellent product is Excel.

I like gmail better than hotmail, although neither is awesome. And I like Chrome better than IE, although, again, neither is awesome.

So why would I trust Bing better than the Google product that started it all, The Search Engine?

<Post script: Bing was the number two search engine for exactly one day. It’s pretty much bye-bye Bing unless all that advertising for this “decision engine” actually works.>

<Post post script: Thanks to advertising, in part, and probably perception of value, too, let’s admit, Bing is growing, at least for now. >

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