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Top Canadian Songs: an SEO Case in Point

April 3rd, 2010 20 comments

Every once in a while I get an email from a complete stranger somewhere in Canada who writes to critique, correct or otherwise comment on my list of the top 100 Canadian songs of all time. While this search phrase is not horribly competitive, I still find it fun to get feedback on such a larky web page. When I put it up I made sure to mind all my SEO p’s and q’s and then I interacted with one of the most popular blogs in the country and created an idea that probably ranks as the most “viral” thing I’ve ever done online. (I’m not really a viral kind of guy.)

In any case, it’s fun to see that that page still ranks well and to see that or anyone else has not even thought of trying to come up with their own list. I get an email about once a month, on average. In some cases these are quite interesting. One of the most recent ones I got was from Sammy Kohn, drummer for the Watchmen, who wrote to lament that they were not included originally, which I admitted required correction. I just got another email from someone in Tampa Bay, in fact.

It’s a case in point that creating a unique web page and doing it properly can have rewards over many years. When you appear at or near the top of Google results, people believe you are authoritative… apparently whether you are or not. All this from simply throwing up a page that was simply optimized properly, even if it was highly self indulgent (and remains so).

Anyway, for anyone who wants to comment on the list (which I just updated) in the future, please comment below.


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More Fun With Google Suggest

January 8th, 2010 No comments

We’ve seen other posts about Google suggest before, of course. And last night Michael Gray (@graywolf) tweeted, making fun of the fact that Google suggests that “google is skynet,” among other things (image below). I thought this was a good enough idea for my first blog post in a while.

I was going to blog “a look back at 2009″ or ” a look ahead at 2010″ but there have been way too many of those and at this point, another one would be just sad. And no one knows where search will be by the end of 2010, I guarantee you that. Of all the posts I saw, I do like Rand Fishkin’s that criticized (rightly) Google’s real time search window (among other things).

So I won’t do that.

Instead, let’s have fun with some screen caps from Google suggest.

Starting with… what does Google suggest that Google is?

How about Twitter?


Go broader.


All of us in Web publishing are wondering what Google will do in the future. If you really want to know what Google will do in 2010, maybe Google can tell us!


Wait a minute, is that true, that Google will not search for Chuck Norris?

No, but it does have some interesting things to say about Chuck Norris. (Has Chuck Norris heard this?!)

google-chuck-norrisBeyond fun, there is more to be learned from Google’s tool:

You can get existentialist (or, if Chuck Norris is a fag, what am I?):

Find some scary suggestions about the current President of the United States:


You can check out the latest in the zeitgeist perhaps… say, about the biggest movie right now.


You could probably have hours of fun with Google suggest. But then you wouldn’t be working.

Hey, kinda like Google suggest, apparently…..

google-suggest-isAnd as that shows… Google suggest is not all that helpful. Come to think of it, I don’t think there are very many times I’ve actually used it practically.

Although it can be fun.

Belated Happy New Year!