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Google Instant Brings Ideal Search Closer

September 9th, 2010 No comments

From the search engine that first brought you millions of search results in under a second comes instant results – that is, results that dynamically change as you type. This brings us closer to the ideal of search that many of us have in mind… I mean the ideal that we will never need to search for any information as it will all be (instantly) right in our minds.

That ideal and others (e.g. the Star Trek scenario of being able to yell out at a ‘Computer!’ that waits for us to address it, inside the ceiling) are all still a ways away. Still, it’s an exciting step forward.

Matt Cutts, meanwhile, was quick to add that SEOs will still have jobs (presumably assuring himself simultaneously that there will always be a need for a Google spam cop).

Update: there’s a dev site where you can try Google Instant.

Update (Sept 11, 2010) :It has not yet rolled out to but is Instant.

My opinion? It is freaking cool – and a useful, completely worthwhile improvement.

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“Best meta search engine in the net” for sale

December 4th, 2009 1 comment

I remember the days when metasearch sounded good.

Today on, is up for sale. For a mere six figures!

Bid on it now!

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