Web usability remains an important factor in creating user loyalty, increasing web traffic as well as brand presence, among many other things. Yet some companies continue to devalue and consequently underspend on web usability. Many rightfully argue that there has never been tougher competion for users online and the market grows more web-savvy and wearier of useless websites.

We have been involved in the usability industry for nearly a decade now. We understand all aspects of the user-centered design to approach, from paper prototyping to usability testing through several iterations to successful product launch, having worked closely with Interpix Design, a company that specializes in web usability.

Here are some things that a web usability consultation can help you with:

  • Create a website that caters directly to the needs of your customers or users
  • Assess and design a full end-to-end customer experience that builds your brand and opens your site up to viral marketing potential
  • Create social capital through collaboration with your customers or users

From Microsoft to Apple to Theknot.com through a hundred other top websites and corporations, a constant of success is repeated user testing that results in the creation of products that are ready-made for users to, well, use. I urge you to consider full-scale web usability as an important component in the design of your website, if you want it to appeal to the broadest segment of the demographic you are trying to reach.

Strong Words™ search engine optimization is all about helping you grow your business in the right direction: that means upward and outward and honestly, in a way that is only going to continue to pay dividends down the line and will never hurt you or backfire in any way.

If that approach sounds good to you, call me or email me.