The lens of unconditional love

This is a phrase from Nanci L. Danison’s Backwards.

How do we grow into being the person we really should be? Simple (not always easy): view yourself and everything from the persepctive of unconditional love. Consider yourself watching a child or a puppy or a kitten that you love unconditionally that’s growing into a world that’s sometimes hard but mostly beautiful.

Get to know yourself through the actions you commit and watch what effects they have on both you and people around you. Feel what you’ve caused yourself to feel and what others feel from those interactions. Then work on making those feelings lighter, always.

Learn from your past behaviour. Correct your mistakes next time. Grow. Learn. “Keep the lens of unconditional love in hand and try to view everything through it, including your own growth,” says Nanci Danison in a pithy quote (106).