Do not be afraid

This is the first thing that all of the angels in the Bible say.

This is what Jesus cautions, so often.

Fear is the courage killer. Do not give in to fear, ever. So much of people’s lives and motivation is based on giving into fear. If you let go of fear, you can accomplish much more of what you came here to do. People accomplish great things by overcoming their fear and doing what they know is right. If you know that something is right, you will not be afraid to do that thing.

You have a mission. You were born for a reason or for many reasons.

All of the best advice that people have like follow your bliss, do the right thing, shine your light, often require you to be fearless.

Do not be afraid to be who you are.

Do not be afraid to do what you know is right.

Do not be afraid to be love that you are.