lighten up!

Laugh! And if you can’t laugh, remember or think about a time you did. When you were a child, it was easy to laugh every day. So what happened? All that happened is you started taking things seriously. Too seriously. It’s all passing. Why not laugh at the passing stream?

“Allow the light of your true nature, your Light Being nature, to bring you the awareness of your immortality. Allow all Source’s love to come through to your human awareness level to reduce your feat of the unknown. Try to live each day as you did in childhood on Christmas mornings, knowing every package holds a wonderful surprise. If you can do this, you will manifest happier opportunities that allow you to fulfill your simple purpose here.” – Nanci L. Danison in Backwards (76).

Kacie, a near death experiencer, puts it like this: “[It] taught me that if you make a move in the direction you think you’re supposed to go, and you’re going in the right direction, then doors will open.

“When you’re not going in the right direction, then spiritual guides will close doors around you to get you to look for the open ones to help steer you and nudge you in the right direction. I honestly believe that’s how the universe works.”