Practice gratitude

Practice: that means do this regularly. Every day. 

Counting your blessings is one way to practice gratitude.

Start counting all the things around you that are beautiful. All the things that are incredible gifts you never asked for and never earned. Practice this regularly during the day when you are starting to feel sorry for yourself. 

Look back on the day when you start to feel tired or worn out as the day goes along. Think back to the good feeling you might have had earlier in the morning when you didn’t even think about it. Think of all the good things there are in your future just as there have been in your past. Believe and know that there are moments of joy in your future as well. They are out there, ahead of you, waiting for you.

Practice by meditating

Meditating is a discipline that is taught by some gurus. You do not have to have a guru teach you how to breathe and clear your mind with a simple thought such as ‘om’ or ‘hu.’ Or simply focusing on your breath. 

Practice gratitude. 

It’s great to give thanks to God but God can get by just fine without your thankfulness. But God takes joy in your joy, when you’re grateful for the people around you, in your life. Be grateful that you can learn from each other, every moment you interact. 

If you practice gratitude with these people you will make them better. Thank them for being in your life with you on this journey, for sharing themselves with you. This will make it easier for them in their day. If you make them feel better they will be better. It’s that simple. (They’ll all like you more, and that’s nice, but that’s beside the point.) 

We all forget to be grateful no matter our intention. But in practicing it more and more mindfully all the time, we will learn. 

We are all tempted by things like anger or impatience but let these things pass quickly.

Go back to practicing gratitude. 

Be open to who other people are inside and at the same time (the very same instant) be open to who you are and be grateful for your self.

Practice by taking time to think of these things. 

You can do this as you are driving to work. Take time for four very conscious breaths as you drive to work, instead of getting mad at traffic or other drivers. You can focus on your breathing as you sit in traffic, and simply think of things you are grateful for, things that have happened to you lately or things you are looking forward to. 

Practice by praying

Learn as you go along. 

Practice gratitude and you will in deed be great full.

In the end you will be grateful for yourself. You will move toward making yourself full of greatness. By being grateful you can become great-full.