be light

Be light. Be lighter on yourself. Have a sense of humour. Forgive yourself. Be light with other people. 

You are here to learn about love. 

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” That could be all you need to know. Follow Jesus’ example and you will indeed be light and have a light life. Ask yourself how can someone have the gall to say it unless that person, Jesus, thought that indeed he was the light of the world.

If you can’t relate to Jesus, then think of many modern people who have died and seen the other side.

Millions of people have had near death experiences, in the words of long-time research Bruce Greyson, a bona fide phenomenon, and “have died and come back.” Many NDErs say we are all light.

One of millions of these NDEers, Kyle Crafton, describes sensing “Way off in the distance, a pinpoint of white light, and it was so subtle it was coming toward me, and I didn’t even know it until I was completely enveloped in that light. And then I realized that the same type of light was coming from me. I really was light.” 

And another experiencer, Anita Moorjani, adds, “realizing that the light, the magnificent universal energy is within us, changes us… I could refer to it as God, or source, or Brahman, or All That Is, but… I don’t perceive the Divine as a separate entity from myself or anyone else… It transcends duality so that I’m permanently united from within and I am indivisible from it.”

And the thing is, that this light, the light of God, is accessible to everyone.  

Here’s a fascinating meditation on God and Light by T. Lee Bauman, the relationship found across religions and science.:

“The relationship [between God and Light] is extraordinary when you study the scientific nature of Light and examine its role in each of the world’s sacred texts. Not only do each of these books describe its God (or gods) in terms of Light but Einstein and the newly found field of quantum physics specifically define Light in terms of supernatural and god-like qualities: omnipresence (being everywhere); omniscience (all knowing) , omnipotence (being all-powerful), and, lastly, possessing that singular human trait that some physicists refer to as ‘consciousness.’ [read the rest of this long quote from T.Lee Bauman] 

You are part of God and God is the light in you, and all you have to do is let it out. That is why we are here.

It’s, of course, interesting to note that when people like Moses (Exodus 34:29-30*), Jesus and others encounter God it’s said that they are alight with God in them. We can all be that, and it’s as simple as being light. 

If you don’t want to hear any religious or spiritual aspects of this, just think about how to take things lighter. Maybe this Monday, just don’t take things so heavy, it’s just one day of the week. No matter what happened today or is going to happen, it’ll all pass. 

One way to lighten up is to meditate regularly. Many meditations focus on light within.

When you meditate or pray, you discover that the thoughts that give you so much anger and other weight are just thoughts. Why keep carrying them and feeding them, making them and you heavier.

When you meditate, you will see that most of your negative thoughts are only that. Meditation is the very best, most thorough form of self help ever invented. It’s 3000 years old and counting. Many Christians meditated, from St Theresa including many of the most sincere like Henir Nouwhen and Thomas Merton. Muslims meditate including Rumi (others?)

Be lighter on yourself. Have a sense of humour. Let that light inside of you shine forth. 

Don’t hide it under a bushel.