Search Marketing Services (Pay Per Click Advertising and Management)

I started search marketing in 2002 and haven't really stopped since, although my focus has most often been on search engine optimization through content development. I have built and managed campaigns that have extended into tens of thousands of keywords and bids, mainly in Google AdWords, with some experience in adCenter and other markets. I focus on driving down costs through adherence to quality guidelines, crafting quality landing pages and a few other wise tactics.

AdWords and Search Marketing Management Services

I provide AdWords management and bid management of search marketing campaigns, with the goal of optimizing your return on investment and increasing your market.

AdWords is relatively easy to handle on a superficial level but getting the maximum return on your investment requires savvy skills, sustained attention and experienced understanding of bid management. Get found across the web through content networks and ad retargeting. I target keywords that will garner business for you but cost you less than some top keywords you are paying for. I leverage an understanding of landing page quality and relevance (similar to SEO) in order to rank higher while keeping costs down.

Costs: Hourly rate, plus the advertising costs. The initial costs of campaign setup may be heavy but after this, ongoing maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

I can manage your budget, keep your return on investment at a max and find new markets through content network management, ad retargeting and more. If you want to learn more, contact me.