Search engine optimization entails going to where users are and bringing them into your website. There are several areas of concentration:

  • 1. We optimize code elements (inlcuding title tags, meta tags, etc.) so your pages get found by searchers. We see too many websites that are built assuming that users are searching for that company or that website.
  • 2. Links into your site might be said to be the key to SEO. Yet, Google warns against link schemes and will penalize sites for participation in these schemes. There's a proper way to get links; it begins with planning and involves work.
  • 3. We create and implement a long tail content strategy. Stay in front of users by hitting the latest search terms and find more users by adding as much content as possible. Blogs are a great tool here, but there are others, too.
  • 4. We advise on creating a richer user experience. There's no better way to bring in traffic than creating compelling, appealing content that people will link to and share with friends. Content is and always will be king

We leverage our over ten years of experience in SEO and SEM. Many of those years have been spent with big players and big winners in search engine optimization.

We don't employ black hat practices. We'll never promise you "page one tomorrow" (with an unstated "banned next month." That's as per advice from the source.) We fix your history and start to build a future. We optimize for Google. Google is what search engine optimization is all about. Bing, Yahoo and Ask (etcetera) are all secondary. You can get ranking in these over Google when you launch a new site. But there will very likely only ever be one Google.

SEO is work and attention to important details. If you want to talk about it, contact us

SEO Services in Detail

Consultation and Expert Review

We can review your site to tell you what you need to do to increase traffic to your site and improve rankings for keywords you wish to rank well for. An expert review will cover site structure, page titling, meta tags, internal linking, site navigation, PageRank passing, keyword density, keyword targeting and all other content requirements and technical issues with your site. We make recommendations you implement or we make structural edits to fix immediate problems.

Costs: ranging from $300 to $1000 depending on the size of your site and the depth of review you want.

Site Edits and Ongoing Optimized Content Development

This is the bulk of our SEO and marketing services. We provide de facto editing services focused on optimizing your visibility in search results and growing traffic to your site.

Most website owners are too busy working on other aspects of their business so we develop content and edit site structure so that your website markets your business to searchers. You need to add new content to your site on a consistent basis and this content needs to be optimized to target search terms and show up high in search results. Most often this works in league with link building.

Link Building

Along with content and site structure, links are the most important aspect of search engine optimization. We provide white hat link building that includes regular addition of new links through practices that may include any or all of the following: guest blogging, link bait development, partnership leveraging, directory submissions, content marketing, commenting, forum participation, social media profiles and other strategies.

We do not participate in link schemes that will result in penalties or even bans.

Reporting: We report on growth of your traffic numbers, and tell you rankings for key search terms you want to be found for.

Costs: this can work on an hourly basis or a monthly budget, depending on your needs. Typically, companies budget around $1000 per month in order to grow traffic and business.

Tactical Consultation

There are many cases where tactical help is needed, notably during changeover to a new design or changes made by Google that have strongly affected your site's traffic or rankings.

Further resources for SEO basics and best practices

...some from friends and acquaintances in "the biz":

  • - Danny Sullivan could rightly claim the title, "world's leading expert on search."
  • - Okay if not Danny, it might be Rand Fishkin. His Beginner's Guide alone is full of nuggets.
  • - Rae Hoffman swears a lot as part of her overall ethos of telling it like it is.

Services related to SEO and design :
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