Raves and references

Here are some nice things people have said to me over the last few years.

"What you have done for our company is brilliant!"
- Andrew Stawicki, Our Kids Media

"In the last month, we've started four new projects and have two more in the incubator, and I would say at least half of that new business has come thanks to your SEO work."
- Murray Sanders, InterpixDesign.com

"Right from the start I could tell Jim understood SEO very well. We've learned a lot from him since. He's over-delivered on several promises. We're impressed."
- Yusuf Qasim, DigitalEffex.com

"The best site planning I have ever seen."
-Rae Hoffman, aka SugarRae, 2005.

"We've gone from zero sales last summer to ten thousand dollars in the last month. The only reason for that is the SEO work you've done."
- client, 2012 (we respect requests for confidentiality)

"Deep industry knowledge."
Heather Angus Lee, prosocialmedia.com & writingseo.com

"You single-handedly changed our company and brought us into the 21st century."
- client, 2010

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Let me shout out others
This page is incomplete without saying thanks to many great people with whom I have been able to work.

I admire you all and I shout you out!

Heather Angus-Lee, Kim Burnett, Anna Fleet, James Harris, Rae Hoffman, George Kepnick, Christie MacLachlan, Ryan May, John S. North, Dave & Crystal Numan, Tim Nye, Steve Pell, Alex McCusker, Alodie Penarubia, Yusuf Qasim, Brian Reid, Ian Ring, Derrick Roach, Wayde Robson, Jurand Rudiuk, Murray Sanders, Agatha Stawicki, Andrew Stawicki

If you think you belong here but are not included, please email me.

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