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Strongwords.ca began as an online portfolio of my writing, in 2001. In 2003, I started working with Google Adwords in the days when you could make money using Chris Carpenter's Google Cash method. In 2004, I was hired by Geosign International, a company that was an early leader in web publishing. We built over 100 sites that were significantly successful in search engine optimization as well as hundreds of sites and domains that were very profitable in search marketing.

In 2007, I started a business with my own web publications including beerclassifieds.com, tradeschoolworld.com and a number of other sites. I began work for Our Kids Media, a Mississauga company, at that time. Meantime, people asked me for advice and help with SEO... and they haven't stopped. Early in 2012, I quit all full time work commitments and dove into consulting full time. I look forward to all the upcoming challenges faced in web publishing, including my next full time gig with some exciting company in this region.

SEO is work and attention to important details. If you want to talk about it, contact me.

You can read about web presence or how I got started in the business of cataloguing Canada's top 100 and why it has a place in the top navigation.

Oh, about the name....

The domain name of the site was bought in 2001 as a play on the common phrase, with the intention of implying strong writing. Since then, the <strong> tag is sometimes cited as a better signal to search engines than its similar sister, the <b> tag. So, in the end the domain name has become even more suitable as an SEO site, even if that was not much more than an accident of fate. The <strong> tag logo was created by Steve Pell. (Learn more about the strong element.)













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