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Surprisingly, there are still too many people today who think that websites exist in seclusion from the rest of the web. You cannot just put up a website, do a bit of SEO then follow the "people will come" marketing model from thereon outward. You need to have a web presence, as broad as possible. You need to be on twitter, pinterest, facebook, digg and all the other sites that are relevant to your vertical. It's a great idea to be active on forums and comment on blogs. Honestly, if you're going to have a website you have to love the web, love being active online on as many websites as you have time for.

So here's where I link to all the social activity I engage in online, first as a way of inviting people to connect with me (if that's what you want to do) and second as a way of showing people how active you at least ought to be online. I don't honestly consider myself that active online (I like to spend time outside, believe it or not and I routinely disconnect for a break as I think this is healthy.) But here is where you'll find me online:

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Strong words
Most of the writing I do online is fairly perfunctory stuff but occasionally in this business you get to spread your wings a bit and write something you really enjoy or are even, dare I say, a little bit proud of. Here are some examples: "The Usability Opportunity"
"Ten Amazing Athletes With Boarding School Beginnings"
Cyberbullying and How to Fight it.
Best Actor from a Boarding School

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Music, movies and other stuff
I also do non-business stuff! I do love music. Once in a while I like to sound off about it. [+] [+] Top Canadian songs[+] Grooveshark [+] Last.FM [+]

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